Neko's RP Info

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Welcome to Neko's Role Play Information

So I'm building this site to hold all my information for role playing.. from idea's to what I'm looking for. Just an overall site that holds what I want in an rp. I'll be replacing this with something better after I get it typed up or found and copy and paste it here.

Also to slightly advertise my own site and discord server that I'm trying to build up but they'll only have a bit of info on this main page and that is all.

Neko's Own Site & Discord Server

Azure World

So my site is mostly about getting role players together, to talk, hang out, advertise their own sites, give advice, find other role players and roleplay on there. The Discord server is just basically the chat for it but it's open to people to join as it's not required to be a member on either to join either one of these.

The Discord Invite

The Forum